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What is the maximum weight of the Flyboard® rider?

There is no weight limit for the Flyboard®. You must fit inside a size 6 through 13 boot or order special sized boots in addition to your included wakeboard style boots.


Is the Flyboard® so heavy on your feet that you cannot float properly or maneuver while in the water?

The Flyboard® DOES float. The Flyboard® weighs approximately 65 lbs but easily floats in the water. During your personal instruction your Certified Flyboard® Instructor will be able to easily show you the correct techniques to maneuver in and through the water. After some time, you will feel as if the Flyboard® has become an extension of yourself.


How old do you have to be to fly the Flyboard?

The minimum age for the Flyboard® at this time is 18 years old.


Does it take alot of strength to fly the Flyboard®?

The Flyboard® takes hand and feet coordination, but it doesn’t require large amounts of strength. The Flyboard® makes you feel and fly like a superhero, it doesn’t require you to BE a superhero.

Does it danger the aquatic environment?

No, the Flyboard® does not harm the aquatic environment in any way when being used by a responsible rider.


Will the Flyboard® push you underwater when you fall?

No, if you are on the Flyboard® with a Certified Flyboard® Instructor or Operator they are trained to observe safety and to turn off the thrust to the Flyboard® as soon as the Flyboard® user enters the water. You will float right to the surface.

What type of gear will I need to safely fly the Flyboard®?

There are some safety gear that the rider is required to wear while operating the Flyboard®:

  1. Personal Flotation Device (Buoyancy Vest) that is Coast Guard Certified (CGA)
  2. A water sports style helmet (preferably a helmet that comfortably protects the ears from directly impacting the water)
  3. Isothermal Pants
  4. Earplugs (if your water sports helmet does NOT protect your ears)


How deep does the water need to be to Flyboard®?

It is required that there be a minimum depth of 8 feet of water when flying at or below 15 feet, and a minimum depth of 12 feet of water when flying at heights of 15 feet and above


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Season Closing

Sadly, We have had to close our doors early for the the summer of 2017. However, we wish a great summer filled with fun and adventure! We look forward to serving you next year when we open again on May 1st, 2018.